014: Only a True King Will Murder for the Crown

by redherring.

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released July 24, 2015

#1: Altered lyric from "Killer" by clipping.
#2: Original
#3: Altered lyric from "Cockroach King" by Haken

ART: Illustration from Paradise Lost



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redherring. Finland

A Finnish musical exploration and experimentation project inspired by artists like Bull of Heaven and Body 13. Releases will be uploaded in batches of 5.

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Track Name: Only a True King Will Murder for the Crown
Even though the Ground Luminosity presents itself naturally to us all, most of us are totally unprepared for its sheer immensity, the vast and subtle depth of its naked simplicity. The majority of us will simply have no means of recognizing it, because we have not made ourselves familiar with ways of recognizing it in life. What happens, then, is that we tend to react instinctively with all our past fears, habits, and conditioning, all our old reflexes. Though the negative emotions may have died for the luminosity to appear, the habits of lifetimes still remain, hidden in the background of our ordinary mind. Though all our confusion dies in death, instead of surrendering and opening to the luminosity, in our fear and ignorance we withdraw and instinctively hold onto our grasping.


When they rest in a state of great calm and stillness, all they could be doing in fact might be merely resting in the ground of the ordinary mind. It is the difference between looking up at the sky from within a glass dome, and standing outside in the open air. We have to break out of the ground of the ordinary mind altogether, to discover and let in the fresh air of Rigpa. So the aim of all our spiritual practice, and the real preparation for the moment of death, is to purify this subtle barrier, and gradually weaken it and break it down.

When you have broken it down completely, nothing comes between you and the state of omniscience.
Track Name: The Warrior Prince
Whoever we are, it can be a great help to be familiar with the process of dying.

The process of dying is explained in considerable detail in the different Tibetan teachings. Essentially it consists of two phases of dissolution: an outer dissolution, when the senses and elements dissolve, and an inner dissolution of the gross and subtle thought states and emotions.

Our whole existence is determined by the elements, and when they dissolve, we die.

The process of dying is a complex and interdependent one, in which groups of related aspects of our body and mind disintegrate simultaneously. As the winds disappear, the bodily functions and the senses fail. The energy centers collapse, and without their supporting winds the elements dissolve in sequence from the grossest to the subtlest. The result is that each stage of the dissolution has its physical and psychological effect on the dying person, and is reflected by external, physical signs as well as inner experiences.

When the senses are no longer fully experienced, it marks the first phase of the dissolution process.